Academic Assembly Program Committee

Current Co-Chair: Megan Fix, MD
Current Co-Chair: Moshe Weizberg, MD

Board Liaisons: Michael Epter, DO

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate, plan and oversee the annual Academic Assembly conference.

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.
Committee members may send an e-mail to all members of this committee via the committee listserv at

Current Goals & Objectives:

  1. Coordinate and oversee the didactic program and program sub-committees for the CORD Academic Assembly
  2. Actively work with and engage track chairs and their respective sub-committee members with the end goal of organizing sessions and enhancing opportunities for networking.
  3. Provide an electronic means (e.g., AA wiki) for tracking progress of program content and fostering facilitation of ideas amongst Academic Assembly committee members.
  4. Hold two in-person meetings (Academic Assembly/ACEP) with subcommittee members with the option for periodic phone calls throughout the remainder of the academic year to facilitate completion of the didactic grid.
  5. Provide progress reports to the CORD BOD at regular intervals as well as complete committee report forms to be posted on Sharepoint.
  6. Work with administrative staff on the following:
    • Develop an annual budget by August 1 for BOD approval. 
    • Coordinate and facilitate speaker expenses and reimbursement.
    • Facilitate completion of the CME application and online web materials (e.g., handouts/power point presentations)
    • Develop a strategic plan for promotion of Academic Assembly
    • Determine locations of future Academic Assemblies
  7. Monitor the feedback from Academic Assembly to ensure delivery of a consistent product with measurable objectives that meets the needs and expectations of membership.
  8. Annually review the operations manual for AA and suggest edits/updating to the BOD. 

Track Information

Best Practices Track

Track Chair: Kerry McCabe, MD
Track Vice Chair: Dan Egan, MD
Track Vice Chair: Jeremy Branzetti, MD

Navigating the Academic Waters Track

Track Chair: Jan Shoenberger, MD
Track Vice Chair: Edward Ullman, MD

Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine Track

Track Chair: Paul Ko, MD
Track Vice Chair: Laura Thompson, MD

New Programs & Leaders

Track Chair: Taku Taira, MD
Track Vice Chair: Todd Berger, MD
Track Vice Chair: Dave Duong, MD


Track Chair: Ambrosya Amlong
Track Vice Chair: Ellen Harr Weatherby
Track Vice Chair: Kandice McLeod
Track Vice Chair: Nina Walker

Resident Track

Track Chair: Nicholas Governatori, MD
Track Chair: Mary Calderone, MD
Track Vice Chair: Sacha Tichter

Research Forum/Posters

Track Chair: Corey Heitz, MD
Innovation Vice Chair: Kriti Bhatia, MD
Research Vice Chair: Bo Burns, MD

iMedEd Track

Track Chair: Robert Cooney, MD
Track Vice Chair: Nikita Joshi, MD

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