Electronic Resources Committee

Current Chair: Michael Bond, MD

Vice Chair: Nikhal Goyal, MD

Board Liaison: Maria Moreira, MD

The purpose of this committee is to Provide oversight in the further transition to new website. 

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.
Committee members may send an e-mail to all members of this committee via the committee listserv at cordelectronicresources@listserv.cordem.org

Current Goals & Objectives:

  • Increase the use of the CORD website as a resource for the community.  This will be done by increasing the committee presence on the website. Making the committee pages useful resources for finding information.
  • Facilitate the move from Sharepoint to Google Drive access.
  • Evaluate CORD tests or similar testing software. Either revamp questions or try to negotiate a community discount from a vendor.
  • Increase CORDs presence on social media.
  • Record and store CORD lectures for archiving and dissemination after academic assembly.
  • Be a resource for other committees on technology solutions that can help meet their mission.

Current Projects:

  • Working to move sharepoint items to Google Drive.
  • Trying to increase use of the CORD Forums for group discussion and move away from the listserve.
  • Working with social media to become a currator of educational content


  • Facilitated the redesign of the CORD website to make it more 2015.
  • Facilitated contract for eSLOE production.


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