EM/IM Community of Practice

Current Chair: Nikhil Goyal, MD

Vice Chair: Pawan Suri, MD

Board Liaison:

There are 15 EMIM and EMIMCCM programs in the country, and these programs have unique challenges and attract a distinctive set of residents. This Community of Practice is a place for these programs to meet and discuss their unique challenges.

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.

Taskforce members may send an e-mail to all members of this Taskforce via the listserv at emim@listserv.cordem.org

Resources Available:

Guidelines for Combined Residency Training in IMEMCCM

Guidelines for Combined Residency Training in EMIM (Updated July 2016)

Current Goals & Objectives:

  • To establish a forum to share best practices and identify solutions to common problems faced by EMIM and EMIMCCM residency programs
  • To shape the future of combined training in EMIM and EMIMCCM
  • To help promote the unique advantages of training in an EMIM or EMIMCCM program

Current Projects:

  • Sharing best practices for recruitment
  • Discussing current roles of EMIM PDs, structure of CCC, split between EM and IM


  • Established group with near-100% participation from EMIM and EMIMCCM programs


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