IDEAS Committee

Current Chair: Ernesto Romo, MD
Co-Chair: Diane Rimple, MD

Board Liaison: Tiffany Murano, MD & Jessica Smith, MD

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.

Please visit for more information. 

Current Goals & Objectives:

Goals: To innovate and grow CORD through bold ideas and initiatives


  1. Create a pipeline for membership to express and develop ideas
  2. Establish a think tank for engaged CORD members
  3. Encourage innovation with deliverable products for programs and members
  4. Establish innovative resources for programs to utilize and excel in education
  5. Identify areas to develop new educational programs/resources for our members

Current Projects: 

  1. CORD Connects.  Fourth Thursday of every month are web-based interactive sessions lead by EM leaders across the country.
  2. CORD Communities and Website. 
  3. CORD Rebranding. To go with our brand new website, we now have a new shiny apple logo and are “The Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine.”
  4. The Resilience Committee has created the Wellness mini-fellowship
  5. A new committee has been formed: The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been created to address how CORD can develop best practices for recruitment and retention of under-represented minorities as well as an environment of acceptance and inclusion within our specialty.
  6. We are celebrating our program directors for all of the work that they do with Program Director Appreciation gifts.  Hope you enjoy your phone chargers!
  7. CORD AA Swag

Vision for the future: Continue to innovate CORD and advance the Mission by providing an open forum for members to share new, big, bold, and any and all IDEAS! to take us to the next level with short, medium, and long term goals.