Day Four - April 3, 2019

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Best Practices / NAV
9:00 AM – 10:15 AM / 0 CME Hour(s)
Program and Clerkship Director Survival Stories
Faculty: Sharon Bord, Madonna Fernandez, Tiffany Murano

Discussion of real world challenging situations that Program Directors and Clerkship Directors have experiences.

Best Practices
10:30 AM - 11:10 AM
Developing a Curricular Toolkit for Broad Programmatic Dissemination
Faculty: Holly Caretta-Wyer, Sasha Tichter

The CORD Education Committee was tasked by the Board to develop curricular toolkits for dissemination to all EM programs. We will have performed a broad needs assessment, developed a toolkit template, and formulated a toolkit.  The deliverables include being able to utilize a curricular toolkit framework for developing new curricula as well as the ability to provide feedback on our template and first toolkit for dissemination.

Best Practices
11:10 AM – 11:30 AM / 0.25 CME Hour(s)
Coaching and Mentorship 220
Faculty: Leslie Oyama, Jeremy Branzetti, Barbara Blok, Bonnie Kaplan, Page Bridges, Sarah Farris, Mark Pittman

CORD 220 sessions are [2] talks with a common theme that are given in succession over 20 minutes.  The focus of this 220 session is to focus on Coaching and Mentoring. 
Coaching faculty on new teaching processes in the ED: Implementing recommendations from a Resident Experience RPM
Learn to use process improvement methodology to implement change in the educational environment of an academic ED. Learn strategies for coaching faculty and staff to change their teaching behaviors in the ED. Gain knowledge about using ED operational leadership to enhance the clinical learning environment

Creating a Productivity And Lateral Mentoring (PALM) small group
Describe the functions and benefits of a Productivity And Lateral Mentoring group. List the qualities you would want in your PALM group members. Outline at least 3 career and/or wellness goals that you would want to address in a PALM group. Describe the systematic process of identifying goals, creating deliverables, and reviewing them regularly as part of the PALM process

Best Practices 
11:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Curricular Ideas 330
Faculty: Leslie Oyama; Jeremy Branzetti, Andrew King; Benjamin Ostro, Rochelle Zarzar, Glenn Paetow,Gannon Sungar

CORD 330 Sessions are [2] talks with a common theme that are given in succession over 30 minutes.  The selected theme of this 330 session are Curricular Ideas.

Best Practices
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM / 0.5 CME Hour(s)
Leadership and Advancement 330
Faculty: Leslie Oyama, Jeremy Branzetti, Guy Carmelli, Theresa Tran, Neha Raukar

CORD 330 Sessions are [3] talks with a common theme that are given in succession over 30 minutes.  The theme of this 330 session is Leadership and Advancement. 

Residents as Leaders - allowing senior residents to get maximally involved
Describe the increasing need for more and more senior resident involvement in leadership roles and residency education. Discuss strategies for involving senior residents in leadership roles, thus preparing them for a career in academics and administration.

Leader as Servant - applying servant leadership in the ED
Understand the theory of servant leadership. Apply principles of servant leadership in the academic setting. Gain tools to teach others to be servant leaders

Sitting at the Head of the Table
Identify gender differences in communication and common communication practices and pitfalls. Identify individual expectations for leadership communication styles and how this may lead to gender stereotypes. Discuss the importance of understanding the communication strategies used by different members of your team.  Identify communication strategies for developing leadership skills using gender neutral communication styles for residents and faculty

Navigating the Academic Waters
10:30 AM – 10:50 AM / 0.25 CME Hour(s)
Make It Stick in Emergency Medicine
Faculty: Jordan Spector

An introduction of the learning principles from Peter Brown's highly renowned book "Make It Stick:  The Science of Successful Learning" for EM educators.

Navigating the Academic Waters
10:50 AM - 11:10 AM 
It's Like Herding Cats: Tips for Collaboration for Research Projects With Other Specialties
Faculty: Leah Bright, Katja Goldflam; Kamna Balhara

Collaboration with people in different specialties or non -physicians within your own can create productive working relationships and help expand your horizons. Finding the right fit when options are challenging. We will outline how to create a productive relationship.

Navigating the Academic Waters
11:10 AM – 11:30 AM / 0.25 CME Hour(s)
Adults are Just Big Kids: Learning Theories and Practical Ways to Improve Your Teaching
Faculty: Andrew Phillips, Tyson Pillow

What does learning sciences and cognitive psychology research on children tell us about adult learners? It turns out an awful lot! Explore how the mind and body are inseparable to encode knowledge and how context influences how and what we learn.

Navigating the Academic Waters 
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM / 0.25 CME Hour(s)
Technology Enhanced Bedside Teaching - Practical Tips to Improve Teaching on Your Next Shift
Faculty: Tyson Pillow

Bedside teaching is essential to clinical training. Unfortunately, many educators struggle to incorporate bedside teaching, especially given the demands of the EMR, metrics, and lack of compensation. This session will give practical tips to incorporate technology to enhance bedside teaching.

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM / 0 CME Hour(s)
Best of the Best
Faculty: Boyd Burns, Jeffrey Siegelman

The CORD community develops high quality research every year. This year we are going to highlight the very best abstracts submitted to the CORD research and innovations forums. In this session selected presenters will discuss their novel research from both undergraduate and graduate medical education. The session is intended for all tracks to attend.