CORD's Night Out! Safari Dinners

Sign up will begin soon for CORD's Night Out! Safari Dinners with Your Colleagues. Safari dinners are a great way to spend time with your current  colleagues or meet new ones. CORD's Night Out is scheduled for Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Safari Dinners are a way for members to network and connect during the conference. When sign ups begin select the time and location of the Safari Dinner you would like to join then join your fellow attendees at dinner during the CORD Safari Dinners.

CORD Safari Dinners - Sign up today!

Safari Dinner Cruise* - Sign up today! SOLD OUT! ------  *The cruise requires a sign-up fee to be prepaid; there is a max of 20 spaces available.

(Please remember Safari Dinners are a way for attendees to network with each other. If you need assistance finding a restaurant for your programs dinner please contact the hotel concierge or CORD office for more information)