Policy Compendiums/Position Statements

CORD Position Statements

  1. Position Statement on Board Certification and Independent Practice of Emergency Medicine
  2. Position on Interactions between EM Residencies and the Pharmaceutical Industry
  3. Position Statements on Advanced Life Support Course
  4. Position Statement on Moonlighting
  5. Position Statement on Duty Hours
  6. Guidelines for CORD Sponsored Surveys
  7. Statement on Resident Participation in Air Medical Transportation
  8. Guidelines for Recruitment/Interviews
  9. Definition of Emergency Physician



Recent Correspondence & Issues Addressed by the Board of Directors

Coalition to Oppose Medical Merit Badges
Earlier this year, in partnership with all of the major Emergency Medicine (EM) organizations, CORD was proud and honored to support an initiative opposing medical institutions that require board certified EM physicians to: (1) maintain certification in various resuscitation courses, and (2) to have mandatory short-course continuing medical education for various subspecialty areas such as stroke and trauma.
Like many of the other EM initiatives of which CORD has been a part, we believe that by banding together, we can continue to advance our specialty by speaking with one voice. The following letter is being sent on behalf of the CORD Board of Directors.

Coalition to Oppose Medical Merit Badges Letter


Joint Organization letter regarding VA Policy - Out of Operating Room Airway Management (OORAM) Certification for non-anesthesiologists

Letter to Veterans Administration


CORD Response Letter to ACGME regarding Duty Hours

Letter to ACGME


Joint Organization letters regarding Doximity Medical Student Survey

Letter to US News

Letter to Doximity 


The ACGME has proposed revisions to the common program requirements for resident duty hours

CORD response to ACGME proposed revisions (8/9/10)

Joint EM response to ACGME proposed revisions

CORD was asked to offer recommendations for revising the ABEM policy on credit for prior training (6/11/10)

Response from ABEM to CORD recommendations

NRMP Policy Change

Background for Definition of Emergency Physician


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