EMARC Membership

A Message from the EMARC Membership Committee:

The Emergency Medicine Association of Residency Coordinators (EMARC) is an organization structure within the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD), established to provide educational opportunities and professional development for residency coordinators. All residency programs with current membership in CORD are eligible and encouraged to participate and become a member. Dues are collected and included in the program’s CORD membership fees. There’s no extra cost to your program if they already are CORD members!

In becoming a member of EMARC, you will have support, encouragement, and knowledge to help make you and your program succeed. As program coordinators, we periodically find ourselves in situations (such as ACGME requirement changes, milestone evaluations, duty hours, New Innovations, Med Hub, best practice, etc.) where input or advice from other coordinators can be extremely helpful. We have a wonderful support network across the country and you can feel free to email the group at any time.

Why become a member of our association? Why not? EMARC gives your job the importance and recognition it deserves. There is also a nonverbal prestige that accompanies becoming part of a national organization. Annual meetings are held in conjunction with CORD and are not only beneficial for your program but also for you and your program director. We share forms and ideas, why re-create the wheel if you don’t have to.

A national association offers a network of information shared just by being part of the group. If you have had the opportunity to attend one or two meetings, you have met other program coordinators, and, when you call or e-mail them, they know you. Our annual meetings have become somewhat of a reunion, and we would like to extend an invitation for you to become a part of EMARC. Becoming a member will prove evidence to your program director and institution, that you not only value your position as a program coordinator, but also seek to improve the program by increasing your knowledge.

I hope you join us and look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Jana Ricker
Membership Committee Chair for EMARC
EM Residency Coordinator at Maine Medical Center, Portland Maine

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