County Program Community of Practice

Current Chair: Teresa Smith

Vice Chair: TBD

Board Liaison

The purpose of this community of practice is to provide a forum for County PDs to discuss issues relevant to their practice and training environments.

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.
Community of Practice members may send an e-mail to all members of this Community of Practice via the listserv at

Current Goals & Objectives:

  1. Transition to a new committee chair
  2. Re-invigorate the County PD list-serve
  3. Create consensus on a reasonable approach to the interview season and the advising of the EM-bound students. This will help both the programs and the applicants

Current Projects:

  • Historical white paper
  • Visionary paper for future under Obamacare
  • Resource survey of county programs



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