Student Advisement Task Force

Current Chair: Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD

Vice Chair:

The Student Advisory Task Force is a consensus working group dedicated to improving advising for all students and advisors. Our goal is to improve both the quality, consistency, and access to advising for all EM applicants and their advisors.

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.


The Medical Student Advising Taskforce has put together several useful resources for students with an interest in Emergency Medicine. They are linked below.

EM Applying Guide - this is a guide for medical students interested in applying for Emergency Medicine residency. It serves as an initial resource for planning your fourth year and moves through the application process. Please supplement it with personalized advising from an academic EM advisor.

Additional advising resources:

EM Applicant FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of the EM Applicant
Medical Student Planner - helps you plan your performance and activities in medical school starting from the first year.
Existing Advising Resources List 2017 - An annotated list of resources for the student interested in EM.

Current Goals & Objectives:

  • Create and maintain consensus documents as resources for students and advisors
  • Disseminate consensus recommendations to students and advisors
  • Continue to develop consensus recommendations for applicants to maximize success and minimize the burdens on all stake holders

Current Projects:

  • Team Applying - FAQ and Applying Guide - currently under review with AAEM/CDEM/CORD/EMRA
  • Next step addenda for special groups (Osteopaths/IMG/Military/Couples/Less Competitive)
  • Submit to Education Supplement of WJEM
  • Team Medical Student Planner - currently under review with AAEM/CDEM/EMRA
  • Next step addenda for special groups (Osteopaths/IMG/Military/Couples/Less Competitive)
  • Curation of Existing Resources 2nd revision available with CORD endorsement
  • Update annually
  • Next step work with blog team & distribution to highlight/disseminate new resources as they are found during the year
  • EMRA Hangouts - pilot project with EMRA with 2 faculty advisor/resident & 5 - 7 students in the video chat, and others watching and able to submit questions
  • Next Step EMRA seeks to find a new platform for group video chat that is more stable than Google Hangouts
  • SATF to coordinate Advisors for these hangouts
  • Representation at Regional SAEM Meetings- SATF member to Regional SAEM meetings to help with student advising
  • Form variable with meetings and collaboration with meeting chair
  • Student Advising Consensus Conference - Deliver recommendations to PD on navigating current match system, educating what peers are doing 
  • Make recommendations on standardization of the match process for their benefit and that of the students
  • Next step Consensus Conference on Application Guidelines that programs can subscribe to
  • Didactic submissions for CORD AA 2017 -
  • Present State of the Match Update with new PD/CORD survey data at CORD AA
  • Create additional didactics and identify other avenues to reach the CORD membership
  • Team Distribution - Resource distribution planning and coordination
  • Work with CORD and CDEM can host and distribute materials
  • Determine how to use the CORD blog


  • Applying Guide, FAQ, Student Planner and Advising Resources compiled produced and under review
  • Surveys of Advisors and Program Directors completed with Poster at CORD
  • Survey of students needs assessment completed
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