Remediation Taskforce

Current Chair:  Kelly Williamson

Vice Chair: Dave Hile

Board Liaisons:  Jessica Smith, MD

The purpose of this committee is to identify and disseminate best practices in remediation.

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.
Committee members may send an e-mail to all members of this committee via the committee listserv at
To contact the consult service please email


Remediation wiki -

Milestones - Patient Care SDOT's


  • Address the existing and emerging challenges for identifying and remediating EM residents.
  • Develop and modify best practices for remediation across the 23 milestones
  • Promote scholarship by studying/investigating current remediation practices and remaining up to date in literature review of remediation
  • Establish a remediation task force leadership succession plan
  • Establish a resident leadership opportunity on the RTF
  • Standardize the language of remediation using the guidelines of practice and training as established by the ACGME
  • Create a unified voice with increased transparency regarding the process, terms, and outcomes of remediation for residents, PDs, and future employers


  • Present remediation strategic plan at CORD conference 2016
  • Continue work groups based on core competencies (may use prior divisions); groups are as follows: SBP/PBL, Prof/ICS, MK, PC
    • May entail surveying the EM programs to see what the current practices are and if there are any innovative remediation practices currently utilized.
  • Incorporate resident ideas and feedback into remediation plans to provide a more well rounded approach to remediation.
  • Publish best practices as determined by the CORD RTF Sub Groups in each Milestone/core competency
  • Meet at CORD, ACEP, SAEM to discuss activities, ideas and productivity.
  • Recommend that each sub-group communicate at regular intervals to discuss and maintain group progress.
  • Contribute to the creation of a case based Remediation Toolbox for PDs

Current Projects:

  • Completion of the formal language of the 24th Milestone.
  • Fully operational Remediation Task Force Consult Service with an active email address (
  • Operational and updated Remediation Task Force Wiki page with resources for PDs/APDs related to remediation.
  • Case log of Remediation consults and also examples developed by committee memberships.


  • Two scholarly publications (one in JGME, one in press) from members of the RTF.
  • Successful formal didactic session at CORD as well as a workshop session geared towards consults with task force members.
  • Consult service went live with an email address.
  • Wiki



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