EMARC Guidelines

EMARC Guidelines


Criteria for eligibility for membership will be appointment as a program coordinator, program manager, administrative assistant, or any other administrative capacity in any graduate medical education program in any residency program in Emergency Medicine, or any subspecialty fellowships. Residency Coordinators from programs with current membership in CORD are eligible to become a member. All EMARC members are eligible to vote on EMARC issues.

Any member who terminates their position and no longer meets the criteria for membership in the Association shall be required to inform the Association of the change in status, at which time membership will be automatically terminated.



The officers of EMARC will be Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair position rolls off each year and the sitting Vice-Chair becomes the Chair.

The Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD) is responsible for the guidance, governance and financials of EMARC.

Vacancies of the Chair and Vice Chair will be (nominated by general membership), to serve out the remainder of the current term unless term is less than 3 months before CORD Academic Assembly. If the vacancy is the office of the Chair, prior to the expiration of the term, the Vice Chair shall assume the duties and authority of the Chair for the remainder of the current term.

Timeline of positions if vacancy only
Vice-Chair- if less than 6 months left on their term of vice chair they will fill that term and will complete a full year term as Chair after that.  If more than 6 months as vice Chair it will be considered their full elected term and the general membership will nominate and vote on a replacement.

Recommendation is that term of each position be for one (1) year. A term year is defined as the period of time from the conclusion of one annual meeting until the conclusion of the next annual meeting. The Vice Chair will succeed automatically to Chair at the conclusion of the annual meeting each year.

The Chair and Vice Chair shall meet, via monthly conference call and in person at the annual forum. The Chairs shall determine the dates and times of the monthly meetings.

The membership shall meet annually during the CORD Academic Assembly. A business meeting will be held for the membership at which time, at a minimum, the following will be presented:

  • Report of the activities of the Chairs and each standing/ad-hoc committee.
  • Report of the nominations and election results.

Job Descriptions for the Chair and Vice Chair

Purpose: To act as voting members with full authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of EMARC under the By-Laws of CORD. To monitor the organization's, programs, professional development and overall performance.

  • Establish Policies
  • Create and update long–range plans for EMARC.
  • Select and support the organization’s standing and ad hoc committee members and periodically review their performances.

Individual Member Duties:

  • Attend Committee meetings, activities, including special events.
  • Become knowledgeable about the organization.
  • Come to Committee meetings well-prepared and well-informed about issues on the agenda.
  • Contribute to the meetings by constructively expressing their point of view.
  • Consider other viewpoints, make constructive suggestions and help the Committee make decisions that benefit the organization.
  • Represent the organization to individuals, the public and other organizations.
  • Assume leadership roles when asked.
  • Keep the Chair informed about any concerns of the membership.

Rationale: To create broad policies and goals and give the Chair the support to implement them in the day-to-day management of the organization. If a Chair is unable to continue their role or is not meeting the deadlines set forth by CORD, the Vice Chair will  assume those duties.

Purpose: To lead Executive Committee members as the principal elected officer of EMARC. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Work with CORD to see that all orders and resolutions of the membership are carried out.
  • Coordinate the work of the members of the Executive Committee and standing/ad hoc committees.
  • Call special meetings as the need arises.
  • Act as liaison to CORD Board of Directors and report back to Executive Committee
  • Facilitate the Executive Committee’s decision making.
  • Develop a positive working relationship with CORD.
  • Act as official spokesperson for the Executive Committee and report back to the Executive Committee
  • Work with the Membership/Newsletter Committee to recruit new members.
  • Foster a sense of team spirit on the Executive Committee and general membership.
  • Complete and submit all sub-committee Chairs’ requests for project funds by utilizing CORDS’ online Project Request Form.

Rationale: The Chair’s main responsibilities are to work with members to ensure EMARC continues to evolve.

Vice Chair
Purpose: To assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair in his/her absence. Work closely with the Chair to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the Chair’s position. Assume the office of Chair when the Chair is unavailable.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings.
  • Work closely with the Chair to become familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the Chair’s position.
  • Assume the office of Chair when the Chair is unavailable.
  • Chair any of the ad hoc committees, which may be formed to carry out the responsibilities of the Executive Committee.
  • Fill the unexpired term of a Chair who resigns or otherwise leaves per the guidelines in Structure section

Rationale: This role is important to ensure the orderly transition of Executive Committee leadership. To be adequately prepared he/she will work closely with the Chair. The Vice Chair must be familiar with the Executive Committee’s various projects and the work of the standing/ad hoc committees in the event that he/she must take over the duties of the Chair.

Miscellaneous Guidelines


EMARC and its members shall not seek independent funding or support from outside sources without prior consent of the CORD Board.

Financial Support Request

A financial support request form will need to be completed to requesting funding to support an EMARC Committee.  The chair(s) of the committee are to complete the form and submit it to the EMARC Chair who will present to the EMARC Executive Committee for approval.   If approved by the Executive Committee the Chair of EMARC will then submit to CORD for approval.

Listserve Etiquette

The Membership Committee compiled informal rules and procedures to make our electronic communications more enjoyable and less annoying or bothersome for others.

  1. Be sure to include a descriptive subject line. Emails received with no subject may likely be perceived as spam by an email filter and be deleted before reaching the recipient’s inbox.
  2. Personal replies and responses to list serve questions and discussion topics are of interest to others on this list. But, please avoid responding to a question as “Reply All” or “Me Too”. Only reply to the person asking the question. If you have asked the question, please compile the answers (i.e. using survey monkey, excel, etc.) and send the question and compiled answers to the group.
  3. CORD Connects should be used only for matters of relevance to EMARC.
  4. Always remember that CORD Connects contains members of different backgrounds, policies, religions, politics, etc. The community cannot be used for dissemination of religious beliefs, political beliefs, jokes, personal stories or social policy. Please be respectful of others.
  5. Do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is considered shouting and therefore rude.
  6. Re-read your messages or turn on spell check. It only helps those trying to decipher your message or question.
  7. Please identify yourself; include your name, program, and email address to your email if not already on your signature. This will allow someone to contact you one-on-one for specific questions or information.
  8. Please participate. Using the EMARC CORD Community is a powerful resource. Your ideas are important. Just because you think everyone knows something doesn’t mean they do. No question is stupid; it’s how we all learn.
  9. Be respectful and considerate of your colleagues.


These Guidelines may be amended by a simple majority vote of the membership. The following procedure will be followed for revising EMARC’s Guidelines:

  • Only current members of EMARC may submit amendment proposals.
  • The proposed amendment(s) shall be placed on theChairs monthly meeting agenda after review by the Guidelines Committee
  • The Chairs must discuss the issue within two monthly meetings.
  • The Chairs will vote to determine if the proposal is taken to the membership for voting.
  • If the amendment(s) are approved by the membership, they will then be submitted to the CORD staff and Board for review.
  • If the Chairs and CORD leadership votes favorably then the Chairs have thirty (30) days to provide written notification to the membership of the proposed amendments(s).
  • From the date the membership is notified of the proposed amendment(s) voting shall occur within sixty (60) days.
  • If the Chairs and CORD leadership votes unfavorably a letter of explanation will be provided to the member who made the request within thirty (30) days

Edited, November 14, 2017


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