EMARC Track Planning Committee

Current Chair: Ambrosya Amlong
Vice Chair: Nina Walker

Purpose: The Planning Committee will be responsible for the coordination of the EMARC track of the CORD Academic Assembly. This committee will consist of no less than five (5) members.

As with the CORD AA Planning Committee the EMARC Planning Committee will consist of a Senior Co-Chair and a Junior Co-Chair. The Senior Co-Chair will have been a co-chair the previous year. The Junior Co-Chair will be a new co-chair on the committee. A Member at Large will oversee all aspects of the planning committee to make sure that deadlines are being met and the planning committee is meeting all goals and obligations.

All planning committee information must be shared with all members of the planning committee and the executive committee so tasks can be distributed accordingly. The chairs should facilitate the committee but in no way be the sole person to complete all tasks.

If a Co-Chair is unable to continue their role or is not meeting the deadlines set forth by CORD, the Executive Committee will convene to see if another Co-Chair should be appointed to assume those duties.  


Cindy Koonz
Katie Bradford
Joann Corbi
Jim Graber
Christina Tarleton
Kristen Foland
Annette Strange
Michele Haynes
Gloria Daniel


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