Career Advertisements

Have an open educational position, educational product, or educational event you want others to know about? Advertise at the CORD Academic Assembly Career Center!

The 2021 CORD Academic Assembly Virtually Unstoppable Conference will be held April 11-15, 2021, and will attract over 1,700 academic emergency medicine physicians, emergency medicine residency program administrative staff, and residents interested in a career in academic emergency medicine. 

The cost for a Virtual Career Advertisement is $500, which includes:

  • A listing on the Virtual Job Board landing page.
  • Dedicated “booth” space similar to the virtual exhibit hall to display company logo, marketing images, one video, and linked PDF documents.
  • Dedicated time slots for interested attendees to “meet” with recruiters.
  • The ability to create one-on-one appointments with potential candidates.
  • Promotion of the CORD Career Center to attendees through CORD generated emails, CORD communities, CORD AA Website, and Virtual Platform.
  • Access to the CORD Career Center on the Virtual Platform for up to 3 (three) staff.

 A limited amount of space is available and only academic positions will be accepted. 

All submissions due: March 21, 2021

Click the links below for information and the order form.

Advertising Order Form

(credit card and check/invoice options available)

Questions? Contact Leah Stefanini, CMP, at 888-444-2090 x 3298 or email at