Board of Directors Information

Board of Directors Nomination Criteria

Board Directors will be expected to:

  • Make a serious commitment to CORD and Board matters for the entire two-year term.
  • Regularly attend Board meetings and important related meetings and participate in Board conference calls.
  • Participate actively in CORD committee work including acting as Board liaison to CORD committees. 
  • Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments.  Follow through projects to timely and thorough completion.
  • Be informed about current CORD issues and topics of discussion, prepare thoroughly for Board meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
  • Actively participate in the Board’s annual evaluation and strategic planning.
  • Act as an ambassador for CORD, representing the organization’s mission to membership, other emergency medicine organizations, in advocacy situations, and when serving as Director during interactions in public.

Qualifications by Position


  • Must have general qualifications listed above.
  • Must be a current or past Residency Director or Assistant/Associate Program Director
  • Must have previously served on the Executive Board.
  • This position is a three (3) year commitment.
    • 1st-year President-Elect
    • 2nd year President
    • 3rd-year Immediate Past President


  • Must have general qualifications listed above.
  • Must be a current or past Residency Director or Assistant/Associate Program Director
  • Must have previously served on the Board of Directors
  • This position is a one (1) year commitment.


  • Must have general qualifications listed above.
  • This position is a two (2) year commitment.


  • Must have general qualifications listed above.
  • Must be a current PGY2, or above, resident at the time of the election.
  • Must submit a letter of recommendation from a program director with the nomination.
  • This position is a two (2) year commitment.
    • Year one, serve on the Board of Directors
    • Year two, serve on the Governance Committee as the Track Chair of the Resident Track at AA

Board of Directors Meetings

The CORD Board of Directors have required monthly 2-hour conference calls (the second Thursday of every month) and the following in-person meetings:

  • 2021 CORD Academic Assembly Virtual -Board Meeting: TBD  - Academic Assembly Conference: April 12-15, 2021
  • 2021 ACEP Scientific Assembly  Dallas- Board Meeting: TBD
  • 2021 CORD Board Retreat - Date and Venue to be Determined (Anticipate 2 1/2 Days between mid-August/mid-September)
  • 2022 CORD Academic Assembly TBD (in-person vs. virtual)- Board Meeting: TBD - Academic Assembly Conference: March 27-30, 2022

View the Board Participation and Attendance Policy

Board Conflict of Interest Policy

In their capacity as directors, the members of the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD) must act at all times in the best interests of CORD. The purpose of this policy is to help inform the BOD about what constitutes a conflict of interest, assist the BOD in identifying and disclosing actual and potential conflicts, and help ensure the avoidance of conflicts of interest where necessary. This policy may be enforced against individual BOD members as described in the CORD Conflict of Interest Policy linked here.

Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  1. President
    • Serves as the chief elected officer of the CORD
    • General and active responsibility for the management of the business of the CORD.
    • Sees that all orders and resolutions of the CORD Board are carried into effect.
    • Develop goals and objectives for the committees and task forces, which will be reviewed annually.
    • Appoint all committee and task force chairs and, in conjunction with the chairs, appoint committee and task force members.
    • Executes bonds, mortgages and other contracts, except where the execution is delegated by the CORD Board to some other officer or agent of the CORD.
    • The President may delegate the responsibility for daily management of the CORD to the Executive Director of CORD.
    • In the event of an unexpected vacancy on the BOD, the President shall appoint an eligible member of CORD to fill the vacancy until the next election for the Board of Directors.
  2. President-Elect
    • The President-elect is the second-ranking officer of CORD and serves at the order of the Board and the membership.
    • The President-elect assumes the Presidency at the conclusion of his or her term. 
    • The President-elect's efforts are directed to assisting the President and in assuming the Presidency. Assignments are designed and designated with this purpose in mind. The President-Elect is actively involved in supporting the President in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Board of Directors by providing continuity to established programs and formulating future programs for which they will take responsibility for during their presidency.
    • The President-elect assumes all duties and responsibilities of the President in the event the President is absent or unable to perform the President’s duties.
    • The President-elect assists the President in fulfilling the President’s role by sharing specific duties and responsibilities as delegated by the President. The President-elect also serves as an alternate spokesperson for CORD.
  3. Secretary-Treasurer
    • In the absence or disability of the President and President-Elect, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.
    • Attend all meetings of the CORD Board and record, or cause to be recorded, all the proceedings of the meetings of CORD Board.
    • Give, or cause to be given, a notice of special meetings of CORD Board, and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by CORD Board or President, under whose supervision the Secretary-Treasurer shall serve.
    • Ensure the safekeeping of corporate funds and assets.
    • Keep, or cause to be kept, full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements belonging to CORD.
    • Maintain the assets of CORD in accordance with the investment policy of CORD.
    • Prepare, or cause to be prepared, required tax returns and related forms and filings.
    • Provide regular reports to the Board of Directors and to the Membership regarding the financial affairs of the organization.
    • Serve as the Chair of the Finance Committee.
    • Ensure an annual review of the Financial Policy Compendium
  4. Immediate Past President
    • Serves as ACEP Council Rep
    • Other Duties to be listed
  5. Members at Large
    The primary role of a Member at Large is to become familiar with the operations of the CORD Board of Directors (BOD).  The Members at Large will assist the CORD BOD in achieving the strategic goals and effecting policies and/or decisions made by CORD/the CORD BOD.

    Within the limitations of the CORD Bylaws, Standing Rules and Policies established by the CORD Board of Directors, the Member at Large is responsible for and has commensurate authority to carry out the following:
    • Attend required meetings including but not limited to: Board, Business, and any applicable committee meetings.
    • Serve as a Liaison between the CORD membership and the CORD BOD.
    • Serve as Board Liaison to CORD committee(s), communities of practice and task force(s) as needed.
    • Make recommendations to the CORD BOD for agenda items as needed.
    • Accept and fulfill responsibilities as delegated by the CORD President.
    • Fulfill the fiduciary, due diligence, and other responsibilities of CORD BOD members as described in the Bylaws.
    • Support and provide continuity to the President’s work by fulfilling the envisioned future, strategic plan, and policies established by the CORD BOD.
    • Represent the CORD President or serve as spokesperson as requested by the CORD President.
    • Communicate key records of activities and timelines relevant to the position during the term of Member at Large and supply the incoming Members at Large with those records to ensure a smooth transition.
  6. Resident Member at Large
    In addition to the duties of a Member at Large, the Resident Member at Large shall also:
    • Serves as the resident representative on the CORD Board of Directors for one year.
    • Actively participates in all CORD BOD activities.
    • Serves as the Chair to the Resident Track for CORD Academic Assembly during year two.
    • Serves as the resident liaison to EMRA.
    • Serves as the resident liaison to AAEM-RSA.
    • Facilitates communication between CORD resident members and CORD BOD as necessary.
    • Works with staff on content for the website and social media.

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