CORD History

Since CORD’s inception in 1989, it has existed to promote the free exchange of ideas and solutions to challenges faced by emergency medicine educators.  Over the past 25 years these challenges have expanded, and CORD has grown and matured as well.  

CORD currently serves 257 residency programs and over 2,100 individuals. Academic Assembly morphed from small consensus and faculty development meetings into a multi-track conference in 2005. CORD AA is now the premier conference for emergency medicine educators, serving as a springboard for collaboration in scholarship, educational innovation, and accreditation solutions, with over 1,500 participants in 2018.  Many of our current assessment and instructional tools were developed at CORD AA or through the hard work of CORD committees and task forces.

The same singular sense of cooperation driving this productivity also engenders strong working relationships with ABEM and the RRC for Emergency Medicine, allowing CORD to have active participation in the development of ERAS, the EM Model, the Core Competencies, and now the Milestones.  

Foundationally, CORD is a personal and supportive community of practice; colleagues and friends joined in the shared commitment to raising the quality of all emergency medicine educational programs.