Advising Students Committee in EM

Current Chair: Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD

Vice Chair: Jamie Shandro, MD

Board Liaison: Michael Bond, MD

The Advising Students Committee in EM is a consensus working group dedicated to improving advising for all students and advisors. Our goal is to improve both the quality, consistency, and access to advising for all EM applicants and their advisors.

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.

Please visit for more information. 


The Medical Student Advising Taskforce has put together several useful resources for students with an interest in Emergency Medicine. They are linked below.

EM Applying Guide - This is a guide for medical students interested in applying for Emergency Medicine residency. It serves as an initial resource for planning your fourth year and moves through the application process. Please supplement it with personalized advising from an academic EM advisor.  Please see below for applying guides for our special applicant populations.

EM Applicant FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of the EM Applicant

Medical Student Planner - This helps you plan your performance and activities in medical school starting from the first year.  Please see below for medical student planners for our special applicant populations.

Existing Advising Resources List 2018 - An annotated list of resources for the student interested in EM.

Advisor Consult Service (NEW!) 

  • This is an important resource for any advisors who have specific or sensitive questions about advising students applying in emergency medicine.  
  • This active consult service serves to answer specific questions related to advising individual students, advising non-traditional students or student groups, and general advising concerns.
  • Any advisors with questions can email the consulting service at
  • All advising consult conversations will remain confidential.  
  • Please note, this is a service for advisors, and cannot currently accommodate questions directly from students.

Current Goals & Objectives:

  • Create and maintain consensus documents as resources for students and advisors
  • Disseminate consensus recommendations to students and advisors
  • Continue to develop consensus recommendations for applicants to maximize success and minimize the burdens on all stake holders

Current Projects:

  • Update Applying Guide, Special Applicant Population Applying Guides, Applying FAQs, Medical Student Planner and Special Applicant Population Student Planners with recent survey data
  • Continually update the above documents and Curation of Existing Resources
  • Creation of Applying Guides & Medical Student Planners for Dual Accreditation Applications, Underrepresented Applicants & Orphan Applicants
  • Creation of EMIG presentations of our Applying Guides to be distributed in EMRA’s EMIG kits
  • Develop manuscript for our recent Special Applicant Population survey
  • Resubmit manuscripts for our IMG & Osteopathic Planners
  • Produce additional scholarship related to student advising
  • Continue providing speakers for EMRA Hangouts
  • Continue monthly posts to Vocal CORD Blog
  • Distribution of our resources to Deans, medical schools, advisors and students via email listservs, twitter and didactics at various national and regional conferences
  • Develop didactic and abstract submissions for CORD AA 2019
  • Work with EMRA to overhaul their Medical Student Survival Guide
  • Develop a Consult Service for advisors with difficult advising situations across the country
  • Develop a team to provide distance advising to students at institutions without advisors
  • Develop a team to address the growing difficulties in VSAS/Away applications
  • Provide representation to AAMC’s SVI committee
  • Develop advising recommendations related to the SVI


  • Applying Guide, FAQ, Medical Student Planner and Curation of Advising Resources are updated for 2018
  • Applying Guides and Medical Student Planners have been created for our Special Applicant Populations:  Re-Applicant, Military, Couples, Osteopathic, IMG, and At Risk
  • Surveys of advisors and program directors completed with results presented at CORD AA 2018
  • Presentation of our work at NRMP Conference 2017
  • Publication of our Applying Guide in WestJEM
  • Publication of prior survey results in Academic Emergency Medicine Education & Training:  Relationship Between Institutional SLOE Global Assessment Ranking Practices, Interviewing Practices and Medical Student Outcomes.