Nominating Committee

Chair: Maria Moreira, MD

Every year the CORD Board of Directors is tasked with choosing candidates for national positions, task forces and scholarships from a substantive pool of qualified applicants. The Nominating Committee will do the first review of applications narrowing the slate to 3 to 5 candidates for each position or scholarship.  The board will decide on the position appointees or scholarship recipients from the slate after their review.  The board reserves the right to bring back candidates that were not initially included on the slate provided by the Nominating Committee in special circumstances where they have information that the member brings special qualifications to the position in question.

Members of the Nominating Committee will be chosen by the Board of Directors. Members must have been a member of CORD for 5 years with demonstrated CORD Leadership and/or service or served as a prior board member and will serve on the committee for a minimum of 2 years.  

This position is not open to Residents.