Background & History

The CORD Cares Foundation began in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in August 2017. The CORD membership came to leadership with questions of how to help their brothers and sisters who were affected by this storm and the subsequent storms that followed. CORD immediately released $10,000 to assist any individual or program who needed support. In the days and weeks after, the Foundation raised an additional $15,000 to support the cause.

The CORD Cares Foundation supports more than natural disaster events. In October 2017, the CORD Cares Foundation provided the University of Las Vegas School of Medicine a grant to bring in qualified support after the horror of the Las Vegas shootings.

This foundation was created to support the CORD membership in any capacity it can. The CORD membership and their well-being are a priority and we hope the CORD Cares Foundation will continue to be a beacon of hope for those who find themselves in need.