Q: Who can qualify for financial support?

A: Any individual or program in the emergency medicine field.

Q: What type of need qualifies for support?

A: Loss of personal property due to a natural disaster (i.e. fire, earthquake, hurricane), Personal Emergency, High-stress event affecting staff. CORD will consider other requests on an individual basis.

Q: How much can financial support can I or my organization ask for?

A: Each request will be reviewed independently; the max for any one person is $500 and per organization is $500 USD per request.

Q: I am part of an international program; can we apply for financial support?

A: Currently, the CORD Cares Foundation does not support requests outside of the US and its territories.

Q: Our program has been hit with more than one disaster this year, can we apply for support more than once per calendar year?

A: The CORD Cares Foundation will support programs and individuals at any time there is a need as funding allows.