Q: Who can qualify for financial support?

A: Individuals and organizations that have an active CORD membership* qualify for support.

*Active membership only applies to organizations. CORD does not have individual memberships. If you are applying as an individual you must be part of an organization that has an active CORD membership.

Q: What type of need qualifies for support?

A: Loss of personal property due to a natural disaster (i.e. fire, earthquake, hurricane), Personal Emergency, High-stress event affecting staff. CORD will consider other requests on an individual basis.

Q: How much can financial support can I or my organization ask for?

A: Each request will be reviewed independently; the max for any one person is $2,000 and organization is $5,000 USD per request.

Q: I am part of an international program; can we apply for financial support?

A: Currently, the CORD Cares Foundation does not support requests outside of the US and its territories.

Q: Our program has been hit with more than one disaster this year, can we apply for support more than once per calendar year?

A: The CORD Cares Foundation will support programs and individuals at any time there is a need as funding allows.