Podcasts & Videos

Physician Suicide Podcasts

  • 9-minute mini-podcast which by CORD member Gita Pensa along with Loice Swisher explaining the origins of the day as well as the #s- #NPSADay, #docstalksuicide, and #Light4Docs

  • The Dark Side of EM- Mel Herbert speaks to Ramin Tabatabai about resident wellness and one recently deeply disquieting fact regarding physician wellness, or lack of it.
  • Suicide Risk in Physicians- Mel Herbert, Ramin Tabatabai, Christine Moutier and Matthew DeClerck touch on suicide risk in physicians.  How did we get here and now what are we going to do about it?
  • Resident Wellness- Michelle Lin interviews Chris Doty starting with him reading the letter he wrote after one of his residents died by suicide.
  • Suicide and Accidental Death in Doctors- Interviews with families of doctors affected by suicide or accidental death (UK).

Physician Suicide Videos

  • Make the Difference: Preventing Medical Trainee Suicide (video 
  • Just Ask (video)
  • I Would Call (video)
  • Unspoken:  Doctor depression and suicide (video
  • NPSA Day Power Point (download)
  • Struggling in Silence (video
  • Failed Coping:  Recognizing and responding to suicide risk in our students, residents and colleagues  (video)
  • Breaking the Silence-Preventing Physician Suicide (video)

Recommendations on Messaging with Suicide