Dear Applicant:

Recent literature suggests that some Emergency Medicine residency applicants list citations in an inconsistent fashion. (1,2) To protect you from misrepresenting your publications, the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD) and the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association (EMRA) recommend using the following definitions and guidelines when listing bibliographic citations for your Emergency Medicine residency program.

Please list references in chronological order and indicate abstracts by "abstract" in parenthesis. The majority of citations should be listed in one of the following categories:

  1. Published manuscript: list citation
  2. Accepted (in press) manuscripts: list date of acceptance
  3. Submitted manuscripts: list date of submission
  4. Research experience (in progress): list dates of research

At your residency interview, please be prepared to present the following:

  1. Copy of title page of all published articles, book chapters, etc.
  2. Copy of title page and acceptance letter for all publications in press
  3. Copy of title page and submission letter for all submitted publications
  4. Copy of letter from principal investigator (PI) listing dates of research in progress
  5. For research presentations, a copy of abstract or poster session, underlining actual presenter, and copy of program title and page listing presentation

I have verified that all citations on my curriculum vitae and residency application are correct.


  1. Gurudevan SV, Mower WR: Misrepresentation of research publications among emergency medicine residency applicants. Ann Emerg Med March 1996;27:327-330
  2. Knopp RK: Misrepresentation of resident credentials. Ann Emerg Med March 1996;27:366-367