Semi-Final Case Submissions

1.  The 2021 National Emergency Medicine Clinical Pathologic Case (CPC) Semi-Final Competition, will be held virtually April 12 & 13, 2021 

2. The deadline for submission of cases is November 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm Eastern Time. 

3.  An entry fee of $400 is required at the time of case submission and must be paid with a credit card. However, if the case is not accepted for presentation, the fee will be returned. 

4.  All EM residency programs are invited to submit a case. Each residency program may submit only one case. Categorical programs and combined programs are separate programs. Therefore, a case maybe be submitted by a combined EM/Peds or EM/IM program, and another case may be submitted by the categorical program from the same institution.  However, two cases from the categorical program at the same institution may not be submitted. 

5.  Residency programs must not select senior residents as their case presenters, since they will have graduated before the CPC Finals Competition.  

6.  In the CPC Competition residents participate as case presenters and faculty members participate as case discussants. The resident presents the program's submitted case, and the faculty discussant will discuss another program's case.   

7.  Submitted cases will be reviewed (blinded) and will be judged for quality, relevance, and solvability by the CPC Committee. Only 72 are accepted for presentation. 

8.  Decisions regarding case selection for presentation will be made by December 2020, and notification will be sent via e-mail. At that time the faculty discussants will receive their assigned case. 

9.  The selected cases will be presented on April 12 & 13, 2021 as six tracks of 12 cases each. The exact time of the case presentation will be determined by the CPC Committee. 

10.  A "Best Discussant" and a "Best Presenter" will be selected from each of the six simultaneous tracks, and will be announced virtually time TBD.

11.  The six "Best Discussants" and "Best Presenters" will then participate in the CPC Finals Competition, which will be held during the ACEP Scientific Assembly. (The "best presenters" will be required to submit new cases during the summer of 2021 for presentation at the CPC Finals Competition.) 

12.    All cases become the property of CORD. 

13. You agree to allow publication of an audiovisual recording of any CPC performance by you of the Lecture (“Recording”), for reproduction and display as published and distributed by The Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD).   

14.  You hereby acknowledge and grant to The Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD) its successors and assigns (“CORD”) an exclusive permission to use, reproduce and perform (collectively, “publish”) the Recording. 

15. You hereby irrevocably release and waive any claims relating to rights of privacy, rights of publicity, or confidentiality against CORD or any other person or entity related to CORD’s use and publication of the Recording.


 PLEASE NOTE: The facts of the case should be submitted in the Case Presentation PowerPoint Slides section. The outcome must be submitted separately in the Case Outcome PowerPoint Slides section. DO NOT SUBMIT THEM TOGETHER. Remember - large file sizes will be difficult for others to download. 

1.  Only cases submitted using the online form below will be considered.  Cases must conform to the submission guidelines.   

2. Case Submission constitutes an agreement that the resident presenter and the faculty discussant will participate in the Semi-Final CPC competition if their case is selected for presentation. 

3.  Appropriate cases for submission are: An unusual presentation of a common problem or a common presentation of an uncommon problem Those that generate wide differential diagnosis that requires diagnostic reasoning Potentially solvable in the ED based on data collected in the ED and relevant to emergency medicine Interesting and challenging, not too rare Those with nothing added to unfairly divert the discussant Those with good quality x-rays, CTs, ECGs, etc.  

4.  When submitting a case, the residency program must include the name of their resident presenter and the name of their faculty discussant.  Case submission constitutes an agreement that the resident presenter and faculty discussant will be available to present/discuss at any time on April 12 & 13, 2021.       

5.  The institution name, presenter's name, or any other identifiers must not appear on the case or any other submitted materials. 

6.  Absolutely no patient identification information may be included on any of the images submitted with the case. 

7.  All cases must be submitted as PowerPoint slides and must be in IBM format.  This includes radiographs, electrocardiograms, patient photographs (make sure there are no patient identifiers), or other supporting material.  

8.  Cases must be submitted in two parts:  Case Presentation and Case Outcome.  

Case Presentation:  Describe the history, physical exam, pertinent lab results, and appropriate diagnostic studies that the discussant will use to develop a differential diagnosis.  Institutional reference ranges are required for each lab value provided.  If appropriate, the patient's ED course should be described.  If accepted for presentation, the Case Presentation portion of the case will be sent to the assigned discussant.  Therefore, any information that the discussant should receive to assist in reviewing the case must be included.

Submit your case!