Academy for Scholarship

Current Chair: Michael Gottlieb, MD, RMDS

Vice-Chair: Sreeja Natesan, MD

Board Liaison: Jaime Jordan, MD


To promote, recognize, and reward excellence in medical education scholarship.


  1. Recognize and celebrate the scholarly successes of emergency medicine educators.
  2. Provide role modeling, mentorship, coaching, and faculty development in medical education research and scholarship.
  3. Cultivate a network of emergency medicine educators to support one another in medical education scholarship.
  4. Foster collaboration within and outside of our organization to advance medical education scholarship.
  5. Provide and disseminate evidence-based information to inform best practices and advance the field of medical education.


Coaching Program

The CORD coaching program is a voluntary peer mentoring program consisting of direct observation of your teaching/lecturing skills at national meetings followed by a formative feedback session with a trained Academy Distinguished Educator. 

Academy Award

The Academy Award is given to outstanding educators who have met rigorous standards of academic excellence within the last five years.

Legacy Mentor Award

The Legacy Mentor Award is presented to a CORD member who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to education and scholarly work.

Academy Publications

A current listing of publications produced by the Academy.