Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Current Chair: Joel Moll, MD

Board Liaison: Jessica Smith, MD

Diversity and inclusion is an important aspect of our society.  As health care professionals, it is our responsibility to cultivate an environment that provides opportunities and support for a wide breadth of individuals inclusive of all gender identities, sexual preferences, ethnicities, and races as well as socioeconomic backgrounds. As medical educators, it is also imperative that we integrate these same principles into our training of residents. As the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical (ACGME) has recently incorporated some of these principles into the Common Program Requirements, there have been many questions, which have arisen pertaining to best practices for recruitment, support, and retention of diversity among the trainees.  Emergency Medicine (EM) as a specialty has been at the forefront of many initiatives in the medical field. This is another opportunity for EM to pave the way and we are looking to do this by establishing a CORD Diversity Task Force.

For inquiries, questions, or comments, please send an email to CORD staff.

Please visit https://community.cordem.org for more information. 

Current Goals & Objectives:

The goal of this committee is to establish best practices for recruitment, support, and retention of a diverse population of medical professionals in the field of emergency medicine. This may be achieved by:

  1. Investigating current practices
  2. Establishing best practices
  3. Establishing support and mentorship for various groups on a regional and national level
  4. Establishment of resources for use by programs across the specialty

Current Projects:

This committee is newly established.


This committee is newly established.