Well-Being Committee

Chair: Simiao Li-Sauerwine, MD
Vice-Chair: Annahieta Kalantari, MD
Board Liaison: Arlene Chung, MD

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.

Please visit https://community.cordem.org for more information. 

Current Goals & Objectives:

The Well-Being Committee (formerly the Resilience Committee) is a working group dedicated to improving the wellness and resilience of residents, faculty and residency programs at an individual, community, and institutional and organizational level.  Our goal is to develop recommendations, programing and curriculum to address the ACGME Wellbeing common program requirement as well a providing resources on a wide range of resilience and wellness subject.  In addition, the Resilience Committee actively seeks out partnering opportunities with other entities within EM, medicine and beyond to achieve these goals.

ResourcesLearn more about: Physician Resilience, Wellness Champions, Wellness Resources & Videos, Mini-Fellowship in Wellness Leadership

Current Projects:

  1. CORD Mini Fellowship in Wellness Leadership  (Director- Amy Ondeyka; Assistant Director Annahieta Kalantari; Mentors- Arlene Chung MD)
  2. National Physician Suicide Awareness Subcommittee- September 17, 2019 (Loice Swisher MD, Dan Lakoff MD)
  3. Co-Chairs of the ACGME CPR committee: Sohrab Khandelwal/Ramin Tabatabai
  4. Onboarding Wellness and Mental Health Taskforce (Amy Ondeyka, Jaron Souleck)
  5. Offboarding Task Force (Gillian Baty)
  6. Legal Stress Task Force


Submission of the Wellness Curriculum Roadmap manuscript.

Participation in a 2017 World Suicide Prevention Day including the development of two PSA videos

Participation in a customized collaborative EM media for #BeThe1 suicide prevention campaign- do we have a link to the entire media kit?  It could be used this year for National Physician Suicide Prevention Day

Development of a Wellness Champion List

Development of Videos/Resources (Second Victim Syndrome, Financial, Litigation Stress, Imposter Syndrome) 

Submission of assessment tools review article.

2018-2019 Resilience Mini-Fellowship