EMARC Mission & Vision


The Emergency Medicine Association of Residency Coordinators (EMARC) is a committee of the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD), established to provide educational opportunities in the field of graduate medical education for residency and fellowship program administrators, to encourage excellence in the administration of emergency medicine residency and fellowship programs, and to provide a forum for professional growth and a means for exchange of information.

Vision Statement

Enhancing emergency medicine graduate medical education by sharing information and expertise.

Mission Statement

The Emergency Medicine Association of Residency Coordinators (EMARC) is dedicated to promoting and enhancing graduate medical education in the specialty of emergency medicine by providing a foundation as an educational resource, to foster the exchange of knowledge, skills, and information for its members.

EMARC History

In the mid-1990s, a private company presented an educational workshop for EM Residency Coordinators. Two years later, EM Residency Coordinators (Shari Augustine, Donna Morgan, Marie Wegeman, and Jackie Strange) that attended these workshops worked together to provide an educational format that was organized and operated by the EM Residency Coordinators. These annual workshops were held in conjunction with the SAEM Annual Meeting to obtain the best exposure for attendance.

In 2001, it became evident to the participating EM Residency Coordinators that our informal group needed to become more structured. We needed a formal organization that would be governed and operated by the EM Residency Coordinators.

A volunteer committee of 6 residency coordinators was charged with investigating options for our group’s structure and affiliation. The results of their efforts were shared with the residency coordinators at the 2002 annual workshop. Emergency Medicine Association of Residency Coordinators (EMARC) was born. The residency coordinators that attended this forum approved the mission statement and goals of EMARC and voted on the organizational structure and affiliation with the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD). An Interim Executive Committee was formed to create EMARC’s by-laws and to set terms for affiliation with CORD.

In 2003, the members of EMARC approved the By-laws and affiliation agreement with CORD and elected their first Executive Committee.

Founding Executive Committee members were:

Chairman: Anne Hoffmann- New York-Presbyterian
Vice-Chairman: Marie Wegeman- Louisiana State University
Secretary: Christine Rupkey- University of Michigan
Treasurer: Stephanie Morville – Johns Hopkins University

Members at Large:
Jane Kane – Maine Medical Center
Lisa Turner – University of Connecticut
Nina Van Cleave - University of Maryland
Pat Ciampa – Brigham and Women’s
Cheryl Gallagher – Brigham and Women’s