TAGME Information

About the Assessments

  • Two components of certification process
    • Qualifying Assessment (QA):  3.5 hour, internet-based open book exam assesses knowledge of the ACGME or AOA requirements via 100 randomly-selected multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions

    • Certifying Assessment (CA):  55 narrative and matching questions designed to assess knowledge of how your residency/fellowship functions and your ability to find and access information relative to graduate medical education

  • Successful Completion = 80% on both the QA and CA
  • Your knowledge of the day to day management of a residency or fellowship in preparation for the assessment


  • Required annual surveys (your understanding of the different annual reports such as WEB-ADS and GME Track for ACGME programs; Opportuni- ties and TIVRA for AOA programs.
  • Milestones and competencies
  • Evaluations
  • Clinical Competency Committees
  • Procedure/case logs
  • Site visits
  • Web site navigation and governing bodies
  • Milestone reporting
  • ACGME/AOA policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and recruitment tools


For ACGME programs:

  • ACGME Common Program Requirements
  • ACGME Institutional Requirements
  • ACGME Glossary of Terms
  • ACGME Policies and Procedures

For AOA programs:- Basic Documents for Postdoctoral Training

  • Basic Documents for Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions
  • AOA Alphabet Soup

Initial Certification
Requirements: 2 consecutive years GME experience, 15 education credits that focus on GME or professional growth

  • Applications due the last day of February, fee = $315
  • QA notification received by April 1, complete between April 15 and May 15
  • CA notification received after successful completion of QA, complete prior to August 31
  • Notification of success emailed in November, certificates mailed in December

Maintenance of Certification
Requirements: TAGME certified, 8 years GME experience, 2 personal professional growth experiences in the past 5 years

  • Complete the application for initial certification and submit by the last day of February, fee = $315