Simulation Community of Practice

Current Chair:  Tiffany Moadel, MD

Vice-Chair:  Ernesto Romo, MD

Board Liaisons: Moshe Weizberg, MD

The purpose of this committee is to expand oral cases and add evaluation tools

For inquiries, questions, or comments about the committee, please send an e-mail to CORD staff.
Please visit for more information. 


Simulation Scenario Libraries:

CORD Sim / Oral boards case library:

SAEM Case Library:


SESAM literature highlights:

Current Goals & Objectives:

  • To develop & facilitate availability of simulation resources to the CORD community
  • To disseminate simulation based knowledge and skills to the CORD community
  • To facilitate networking for simulation-interested CORD members

Current Projects:

  • Development of E-orals case library
  • Development of content for submission for CORD AA 2017



The Community of Practice sponsored three national presentations at three conferences during this academic year.

Presentations sponsored by the Community of Practice are as follows:

  1. IMSH: “Why are you crying—innovative debriefing for the difficult learner”: Ernesto Romo, Lauren Conlon, Micheal Nguyen, Tiffany Moadel, Miriam Kulkarni
  2. CORD: “Why are you crying—innovative feedback for the difficult learner”: Joan Noelker, Nur-Ain Nadir, Gregory Podolej, Neel Naik, Miriam Kulkarni
  3. SAEM preconference workshop: “Effective debriefing with challenging learners” in collaboration with SAEM Simulation Academy.  Andrew Restivo, Colleen Smith, Nur-Ain Nadir, Joan Noelker, Ernesto Romo, Tiffany Moadel, Lauren Conlon, Miriam Kulkarni.

Collaboration with other organizations and committees within CORD:

One of our main missions this year was to increase our collaboration with other Emergency Medicine Simulation organizations.  We have been very successful this year in collaborating with the SAEM Simulation Academy.  We co-hosted a 4 hour pre-conference work shop.  We also have started collaborative ongoing projects focused on debriefing and on using simulation for remediation.  We are also collaborating with the CORD Remediation Committee to develop a consensus statement on the use of simulation for remediation.

The community of practice has started several projects that are aimed at producing publications. 

  1. We are working with the SAEM Sim Academy to develop a consensus statement on debriefing for difficult learners
  2. We are working with the SAEM Sim Academy and the CORD Remediation Committee to develop a consensus statement on the use of simulation for remediation.


There are currently 25 active E-orals cases and 25 more that are uploaded and will be activated during the upcoming academic year.  The case bank is now complete, and no new cases will be added.  We are currently in the process of piloting and reviewing the active cases.  Ten of the 25 active cases have been reviewed.  The remaining 25 cases will be piloting and reviewed over the next two months.