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Beginning of January: Each candidate's education portfolio and application should be submitted electronically on the Nomination Form to CORD.

Beginning of February: Education portfolios and applications will be judged by a panel of faculty educator peers from a variety of emergency medicine programs.

Mid-February: Candidates will be informed regarding their selection.

March: Recipients of the CORD Academy Award will be inducted at CORD's Annual Meeting during the association's Awards Ceremony.

Please see the CORD Deadlines Calendar for more detailed dates for the current awards cycle.


How to Apply

Applicants should generally approach their submission through the following steps:

  1. Choose a division of scholarship and prepare your education portfolio according to the standard examples 
  2. Obtain Letters of Support up to a maximum of six from your dean/chair as well as from a variety of both mentors and mentees. 
  3. Update CV 
  4. Upload to "Apply Now" required documents: CV, education portfolio matching a standard example with structured summary and supporting documents, personal statement, letters of support.

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Application Review Process

Using protocols of the National Institutes of Health, a primary and secondary reviewer, selected from a pool of Academy Distinguished Educators, will be designated for each submission. These reviewers will propose initial ratings for all criteria, lead the discussion of the applicant's materials during the review meeting, and help write brief critiques in support of selection decisions. After the review panel discussion of each candidate, each member of the Review Panel (having reviewed each education portfolio in advance) will assign up to 100 points to each portfolio based on how well the portfolio matches the standards for a given awards category, as represented by the standard-setting education portfolio samples provided (see Portfolio Preparation).

The outline of the rubric used to assign points is listed below. To receive an award, the average number of points assigned by Review Panel members must meet or exceed the established cutoff of 80 points, and 75 percent of the Review Panel members must give a score of 80 or higher. Panelists will assume that the standard-setting education portfolio examples would receive an average of 85 to 95 points.



Maximum Points

Quality (eg: Success of teaching)

  1. Clarity of goals

  2. Adequacy of personal preparation and ongoing self-reflection/improvement (primarily based on personal statement)

  3. Adequacy of methods, quality of presentation and results




Quantity (eg: Amount of teaching)


Breadth (eg: Diversity of teaching)





Request a Mentor

As members of the Academy receive the Academy Award, each will become a mentor for future applicants. You are encouraged to work with a mentor early in your process of developing your mini education portfolio.


For further information, please contact:

Jim Webley, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Pontiac, MI