Legacy Mentor Application Process

Candidates are encouraged to self-nominate for the Legacy Mentor Award. To be eligible for the award, the candidate must submit:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Educator’s Portfolio
  • Single-page statement of teaching philosophy in relation to one of the areas of expertise, summary of highlights from career, and reason they want to be a member of CORD Academy.  
  • Letter of recommendation describing the applicant’s characteristics as a recognized leader in the field of EM education

This application will be reviewed by a Review Panel in a manner similar to an NIH grant-review study section (see Selection Process). Those individuals meeting or exceeding the criteria will be accepted as a Legacy Mentor in the Academy.

Because the review process is designed to focus on applicants' educational contributions and achievements within a professional context, the applicant's dean (or other appropriate official) will be asked to sign off that s/he knows of no reason that would preclude the consideration of the named applicant for the Academy Award. A form requesting such input will be sent to the applicant's dean after the applicant's completed information has been submitted.

To facilitate the application process individuals will need to complete and submit an on-line nomination form which will require them to upload a CV for reference purposes during the review process, as well as an educator’s portfolio specifically related to one (and only one) of the four categories of educational scholarship (see portfolio preparation).

Legacy Mentor Award Applications

Apply now for the Legacy Mentor Award. Deadline for applications is January 6, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern.

Portfolio Preperation

View information on preparing your portfolio for award application submission.

Timeline & Process

Information on the Timeline & process for the Legacy Mentor Award.