Program Coordinator Award

Program Coordinator Award 

Given to Emergency Medicine Program Coordinators in recognition of their role in the management and success of the residency program and to recognize them for their dedication to the support of their program, residents and emergency medicine.

Recipients should: 

  • Display dedication of time and effort to the education of residency coordinators in emergency medicine.
  • Shows commitment to the education of peers through presentations or other active roles within EMARC or demonstrate leadership in professional organizations related to GME.
  • Exhibits creativity, hard work and enthusiasm within their individual residency program.
  • Models professionalism
  • Demonstrates a strong interest in education while recognizing and encouraging others.

Criteria for Submission:

  • Must be an EMARC Member
  • Completed Nomination form
  • Single page Letter of Nomination/Support from Program Director (submitted with nomination form)
  • Nominee CV (submitted with nomination form)
  • Photo (submitted with nomination form)
Award Nomination Form