EM Coach Renewals

Renewing Your EM Coach Subscription

Renewing your EM Coach subscription with CORD has been improved and made easier! We hope the video and instructions below make this a much easier process for those trying to renew or sign up for subscriptions with CORD.

Visit the subscription renewal link - https://members.cordem.org/account/profile.aspx?tab=subscriptions

Renewing a subscription

To renew a subscription with CORD for your program you must be registered as the Program Director or a Program Coordinator for your program with CORD. You will need your CORD account login to complete the steps below. 

Visit the subscription renewal link - https://members.cordem.org/account/profile.aspx?tab=subscriptions

Log in with your CORD account on the login page. 

After logging in you will see the list of the current subscriptions for your program. The second tab titled "Inactive subscriptions" shows any subscriptions you have that may have been canceled. The screenshot below is an example of the list you will see.


If you are currently eligible to renew your subscription you will see a green "Renew" Box in the Renew Column. To renew your subscription for EM Coach click the Renew button for the EM Coach Software subscription. The screenshot below is an example of the next page you will see. You must purchase the product for your PROGRAM and not for yourself as the individual. Please choose the option on the right that states Purchase for "Institution Name" Click here. 

The next screenshot is the very next screen, please click review and check out on the EM Coach subscription. 

Update your EM Coach information for the current year as indicated in the screen below and click Next.

Click Check out on the Next screen. 

On the following screen Check the terms and conditions box, then add your signature to the box below using your mouse or your finger depending on your device. 

FINALLY, scroll down and enter your credit card information for your payment!

You can send a copy of the receipt to anyone by entering their email address in the "Sendy a copy to" box. Click Submit your order to finalize your payment.

You are DONE! You have successfully renewed your EM Coach Software.