The application is intended for one Teaching Fellowship Scholarship through CORD. Applying for the scholarship does not guarantee you a spot in the TF. The only individual given a spot in the TF is the CORD Scholarship recipient. If you would like to apply for the TF, you must do so via ACEP

The application is closed for the CORD scholarship ($1,615 value) to the Teaching Fellowship (TF), which gives you skills and knowledge to become an effective and productive medical educator.  

TF sessions are geared toward providing you with intensive exposure to the fundamentals of medical education.  Sessions include topics such as e-learning, how to balance competing demands of an academic career, #FOAMEd and skills you need to be successful in your career.

There are two course offerings, the Teaching Fellowship and the Resident's Teaching Fellowship. 

The Teaching Fellowship consists of 11 days covered in two sessions (fall and spring). Between sessions, you will work on developing instructional materials under the guidance of a mentor. This project will allow you to explore a special area of interest and develop a valuable educational product for your program. 

Session I: August 3-7, 2019 or August 4-8, 2019

Session II: February 21-25, 2020 or February 22-26, 2020