What is EM Coach?

EM Coach is the first and only artificial intelligence-powered Emergency Medicine asynchronous learning and boards study tool:


  •  >1,000 exam-style questions with in-depth explanations
  • High-yield original textbook
  • >22 hours of engaging lectures
  •  >300 memory-aid illustrations
  • Program Director Portal to make and track assignments
  • Designed for class assignments and remedial learning plans

How do I sign up?

EM Coach is designed for the entire program. To register for EM Coach, you must purchase the software under your Program name, not your personal account. If you are having issues please email cord@cordem.org. You can sign up here.

Can I add my PA employees to my member list for EM Coach?

No, through your CORD EM Coach membership you are only able to add your Faculty and Residents who are eligible for CORD membership. PA and other Advanced Practice Providers are not eligible. You may reach out to EM Coach and purchase additional access for your AP Providers.

Who from my program is eligible to receive the EM Coach benefit through our CORD Membership purchase?

On your member listing sent to EM Coach, you may include all of your EM physician residents plus the program director, assistant program director(s), a “wild card” faculty member of your choice (e.g., vice chair of education), and the program coordinator.

How much is EM Coach?

For its introductory year, EM Coach is only $250. This price will increase in July 2020.

How long is my EM Coach membership?

Your program will have one year from the date of activation. You will need to purchase EM Coach once your membership expires. At this time, we do not have multi-year memberships available.