Medical Student Resources

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*Newly Released* 

Calling All EM Applicants: Post-Application, Pre-Interview Communication
Post-application, pre-interview communication is something applicants may consider prior to receiving interview invitations.  However, the communication needs to be done at the right time, for the right reason, and sent through the appropriate channels.  Applicants should be aware that professionalism is measured by their communication with programs. 

EMRA and CORD Student Advising Guide: An Evidence-Based Approach to Matching in Emergency Medicine - this is a guide for medical students interested in applying for an Emergency Medicine residency. It serves as an initial resource for planning your fourth year and moves through the application process. Please supplement it with personalized advising from an academic EM advisor.

EM Applicant FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions of the EM Applicant

Medical Student Planner - helps you plan your performance and activities in medical school starting from the first year.

Existing Advising Resources List 2019 - An annotated list of resources for the student interested in EM.