Emergency Medicine Association of Residency Coordinators



Job Description

It is the responsibility of the Residency Program to provide a structured educational program for the benefit of the residents.  The Residency Coordinator, under the direction and supervision of the Program Director is responsible for administration of the residency program as outlined in the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)/American Osteopathic Association Emergency Medicine Program Requirements and institutional graduate medical education guidelines.style="margin-right: 0in; text-align: left; font-family: Verdana; font-size: small;">The Residency Coordinator provides administrative support to the Program Director of the residency (and fellowship programs, if applicable), Chief Residents, and acts as an educational coordinator between attending physicians, residents, fellow(s), medical students and institutional and regulatory administrative offices.

Essential Skills:

  • Demonstrates exceptional organizational skills

  • Demonstrates ability to independently prioritize work

  • Demonstrates initiative

  • Demonstrates ability to utilize resources effectively

  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills

  • Demonstrates problem-solving skills

  • Demonstrates effective written and verbal communication skills

  • Demonstrates proficient computer skills

  • Demonstrates ability to adapt and adjust to new or changing situations

Basic Knowledge Requirements:

  • Understands the dynamics and objectives of the Emergency Medicine (EM) Residency and its relationship with the primary institution  and participating institutions

  • Understands the management structure of the EM Residency and maintains effective relationships with supervisors and co-workers

  • Understands general human resource functions and principles

  • Understands general financial and budgetary processes and principles

  • Understands principles of record keeping and confidentiality (including HIPAA compliance)

  • Maintains compliance with accreditation requirements, and those of all other governing agencies

  • Understands the policies and functions of the Program Director, department and primary institution and implements these policies within prescribed limits of authority

  • Understands ERAS software and applications

  • Demonstrates proficiency with computer applications, online resources and equipment utilized by the department and institution

  • Participates in institutional, departmental, community, and/or national meetings as on-going professional development and to remain informed about current academic trends.

Behavioral Skills:

  • Receives supervision and feedback effectively from faculty and supervisors with the ability to organize, schedule, and prioritize work for self and others to meet deadlines

  • Utilizes good interpersonal skills to work effectively with others: is an active listener and is fair and nonjudgmental

  • Participates in projects to achieve EM Residency goals

  • Serves as a mentor for others

  • Demonstrates an ongoing commitment to improving the performance and skill of co-workers

  • Works positively to resolve issues by bringing concerns to the appropriate person(s)

  • Perceives the pressures that physicians face and encourages residents to use appropriate wellness tools

  • Provides counseling and/or guidance for residents and students, assisting them with alternative methods for addressing problems



        Serves as Administrative Assistant to Program Director:

  • Acts for and regularly makes decisions on behalf of the Program Director, within prescribed limits of authority

  • Represents the Program Director to other hospital offices, the public or outside agencies in administrative matters

  • Assists Program Director in development of departmental goals and objectives

  • Schedules meetings for Program Director and maintains/updates appointment calendar as necessary

  • Maintains and updates Program Director’s curriculum vitae

  • Drafts and/or transcribes letters, reports, e-mail and other written communications for Program Director

  • Handles ongoing communication to and from visitors and others efficiently, notifying appropriate personnel on behalf of the Program Director

  • Maintains documentation of curriculum, accreditation documents, manuals, conference handouts, manuscripts, etc.

  •  Responds to inquiries regarding residency, fellowship, student rotations, and other training issues

  • Alerts the Program Director of any potential counseling needed due to performance evaluations and assists Program Director in individual counseling sessions with residents, as requested by the Program Director

  • Assists Program Director in the faculty development process

  • Initiates and maintains departmental budget including projections of future needs and other financial processes of the department

  • Provides other administrative assistance to Program Director as directed

  • Initiates actions that improve the efficiency of work, reduction of costs, and/or improvement of quality of services

 Coordinates the Emergency Medicine Residency Program:

  • Manages and coordinates the daily operations and logistics for the EM Residency Program

  • Directs the work flow and supervises the necessary administrative paperwork, records and complex filing systems to support the program

  • Establishes procedures and systems that ensure orderly and timely workflow through the EM Residency Program

  • Maintains knowledge of current medical licensure requirements, immigration policies, ACGME accreditation and institutional requirements

  • Implements and updates program data bases

  • Coordinates with Program Director, Chief Residents and others to maintain and distribute resident rotation schedules, call schedules, vacation/leave schedules, and meeting schedules

  • Coordinates outside electives which includes applications to hospital(s), malpractice coverage confirmation, and evaluation forms

  • Arranges resident and faculty membership to professional organizations

  • Prepares and distributes the yearly and monthly assignment schedules of the residents

  • Coordinates yearly revision of residency handbook and assists in the implementation of new policies and procedures, as appropriate

  • Communicates with residents to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures

  • Distributes, collects, and tabulates all evaluations forms regarding residents, rotations and faculty and compiles and generates feedback for appropriate follow-up and reporting

  • Maintains confidential resident and fellow files

  • Coordinates Grand Rounds to include scheduling speakers, arranging speaker’s travel and accommodations, and coordinating Grand Rounds presentation

  • Arranges BCLS, ACLS, PALS, and ATLS and re-certification training courses

  • Assists in the preparation of CME programs

  • Serves as liaison with other departments and affiliated institutions

  • Schedules departmental meetings, prepares agendas, maintains meeting minutes and develops reports as requested

  • Coordinates and administers human resource functions at the departmental level including leave of absences, business travel, and other personnel policy questions

  • Prepares check requests, travel authorizations, fund reimbursements and expense reports; maintains necessary records for Medical Education and/or Accounting Department

  • Attends departmental quality improvement meetings as requested

  • Maintains biographical information on all residents and updated information on alumni

  • Handles highly confidential material for residency, fellowship, faculty/medical group, and institution

  • Maintains Disaster Call schedule

Coordinates the ACGME/AOA Accreditation and Reporting Requirements to External Agencies/Organizations:

  • Maintains compliance and updates knowledge of current ACGME/AOA accreditation requirements for program as well as institution(s)

  • Develops new policies and procedures in response to new or revised policies issued by governing agencies ensuring compliance with ACGME/AOA requirements

  • Coordinates preparations for accreditation site visits for the Residency Program

  • Compiles, updates and submits reports to ACGME/AOA, American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM), American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP), American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), American Medical Association (FREIDA), and other professional organizations as required

  • Compiles, tabulates and reports data for surveys, questionnaires, census reports, accreditation reports and other forms and documents required by internal and external agencies

  • Collects necessary information for developing appropriate database analysis tools to meet current ACGME/AOA requirements

  • Coordinates the administration of the ABEM or the ACOEP National In-training Examinations

  • Prepares and distributes all post-graduation emergency medicine verifications

  •  Collects, complies, submits and maintains yearly AOA research papers and resident reports

 Recruitment of Residents and Fellows:

  • Manages extensive initial contacts via e-mails, telephone and written correspondence

  • Serves as an information source for the program, institution(s) and community

  • Develops and represents programs' image and exposure through emergency medicine interest groups, Residency fairs, visits and/or communication with medical schools, advertising, the Internet, and other image-building techniques

  • Develops and revises recruitment brochures and all printed materials and forms, as well as all website information

  • Implementsresidency program recruitment plan, time-line, guidelines, and policies and procedures for the department

  • Develops and maintains any and all materials used by faculty during interview of candidates

  • Oversees ERAS installation and applications for the department

  • Manages review of residency applications using the ERAS system for the residency recruiting process

  • Screens fellowship applicants for compliance with prerequisites, if applicable

  • Coordinates all resident interviews and communications with applicants

  • Coordinates applicants’ interview day

  • Plans and arranges interview social activities

  • Manages ERAS software to produce residency applications, reports, and rank list

  • Tracks all evaluation scores of interviewed applicant and prepare data for initial match rank list

  • Maintains "top prospects" of applicants

  • Sends post interview thank-you letters to all candidates

  • Coordinates and participates in the resident ranking meeting

  • Prepares and accurately submits final rank list to the NRMP or the NMS

  • Administers and reviews post match survey to applicants, recommends changes to improve next year’s recruitment activities

  • Verifies accuracy of statistics used for reporting to FREIDA, AMA and National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) or the National Matching Service (NMS)

 Coordinates Appointments, Reappointments, and Termination:

  • Coordinates general orientation of new residents and fellows (includes department, clinical areas and institution)

  • Prepares, distributes, and monitors the resident appointment and reappointment process

  •  Prepares and monitors resident completion and/or termination process

  • Coordinates Information Service assignments such as pagers, voice mail, and computer access

  • Informs incoming residents of documentation required by the primary institution and state licensing board and maintains records of compliance

  • Coordinates all credentialing requirements of all initial appointments for interns and fellows as dictated by the primary and participating institutions as well as state licensing agency

  • Instructs residents from foreign countries regarding the procedures that must be followed with INS, ECFMG and the state licensing board

  • Assists new residents with “settling in”; be responsive and attentive to ensure smooth transition to residency program

Provides Administrative Support for Residents and Core Faculty:

  • Assists and advises Program Director/Chief Residents in creating yearly rotation schedule for residents, incorporating curriculum requirements, and creating yearly call, conference, and vacation schedules for the program

  • Maintains credentialing records/ curriculum vitaes  of core faculty

  • Assists core faculty and residents in preparation of presentations, abstracts, manuscripts and other documents relating to the Emergency Medicine Residency Program

  • Provides editorial/administrative assistance in preparing manuscripts for publication in various medical journals

  • Provides support to committees as necessary

  • Advises residents on departmental policies

  • Attends resident meetings as requested

  • Disseminates/distributes all training-related information to residents

  • Prepares letters of recommendation/verification and maintains career resources for senior residents

  • Prepares and distributes all post-graduation emergency medicine verifications

  • Coordinates and directs social and retreat activities for residents

Coordinates Medical Student Programs:

  •  Functions as the first contact liaison to students, faculty, residents, community sites, and school administration for any issues or questions relating to the clerkship

  •  Provides primary support to the Clerkship Director(s) in matters relating to the clerkship and functions as his/her representative

  •  Manages daily operations of the clerkship, organizes and prioritizes necessary tasks, initiates changes and resolves issues as they arise

  •  Understands the curriculum, educational goals, policies, and standards of the clerkship and the medical school

  •  Monitors the student evaluation and grading process and maintains complete and accurate student files

  •  Understands the major responsibilities of other interacting departments, (i.e. medical student affairs, medical education, registrar, area health education center, bursar, and purchasing)

  •  Knows the medical school calendar and courses offered

  •  Assists in the development of medical student clerkship

  •  Assists in the preparation of letters of recommendation

  •  Coordinates the Clerkship Lectures/Orientation series

  •  Prepares, administers, and grades required end of rotation exam

 Coordinates the Fellowship Program(s):

  • Coordinates the fellowship program and performs responsibilities similar to those outlined for the residency coordinator

Manages Departmental Facilities and Resources:

  • Facilitates supervision and maintenance of learning materials including books, journals, computers, CD-ROM's, and other audio-visual materials

  • Assists in literature searches and articles retrieval as needed

  • Assists and tutors residents/staff in the use of computers and applications

  • Maintains teaching files and other board study materials for residents

  • Coordinates use of all audio-visual equipment

  • Maintains resident reference library

  • Maintains the ED conference room schedule

  • Manages facilities and space required for residency program use

Additional Software and Equipment Skills:

  • Windows applications

  • Word processing applications

  • Graphics applications

  • Spreadsheet applications

  • Internet applications

  • Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS)

  • Institution Patient Information Systems

  • Institution/Department Intranet

  • University/Institution computerized financial system

  • Resident Tracking Software applications

  • Standard Office Equipment

  • Scanner

  • Audio-Visual Equipment


  •   Participates on institutional committees as required

  •   Actively participates in professional organizations such as EMARC

  •   Attends at least one professional development meeting per year

  •   Serves as Notary Public for department (recommended)

This description is a general statement of required major duties and responsibilities performed on a regular and continuous basis.  It should not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are similar in nature as applicable to knowledge and skills