CORD Academy for Scholarship Coaching Program

The CORD Academy for Scholarship in Education offers a novel faculty development program available to EM Educators at all levels of experience.  It is a voluntary peer mentoring program consisting of direct observation of your teaching/lecturing skills at national meetings followed by a formative feedback session with a trained Academy Distinguished Educator. The program is modeled after the University of Colorado's Academy of Medical Educators iTeach Peer Mentoring Program.

 The Program involves three elements:

  1. A pre-observation meeting/communication with a matched Distinguished Educator from the Academy to discuss and review your thoughts and self-reflections on teaching and expectations of the program.
  2. Direct observation of your national presentation by your 'coach' - using structured assessment instruments to gather information on your lecturing and teaching skills.
  3. A post observation session to review your strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations.

The CORD Coaching Program is offered at CORD, SAEM and ACEP each year. Participants are expected to be engaged and motivated in all aspects of the programs making the time for all three meetings.

If you have a national presentation coming up and would like to reserve your spot in the program please sign up:

CORD Coaching Program Requests

After you have signed up for a coaching session please complete the form below prior to the session and either fax or email to the addresses below:
Reflections Prior to Your Session

For general question about the CORD Coaching Program you can contact or CORD Staff, or 1.888.444.2090.