O-SLOE: The Standardized Letter of Evaluation (SLOE) for Off-Service or Other Rotation

O-SLOE Instructions

The O-SLOE is intended to be an evaluative tool, first and foremost. This differs from traditional letters of recommendation. It should provide a global perspective on an applicant’s candidacy for training by providing meaningful comparisons to other medical students. This peer comparison may be unusual or uncomfortable for you, but it is standard for this type of evaluation in our specialty. Please keep comments succinct and relevant, and make every effort to avoid ‘grade inflation’ in your comparisons so as not to detract from the effectiveness of your SLOELetters written that check all the top boxes are oftentimes viewed skeptically by programs.

The SLOE was developed to be:

  • Standardized
  • Concise
  • Discerning/Discriminating


  1. Use the O-SLOE form
  2. Complete the O-SLOE in its entirety and then download the completed PDF after clicking submit.
  3. For section B use all of the boxes—above, at, and below the level of peers.
  4. For section C—Top 10% and Top 1/3 students are stars!  Middle 1/3 and lower 1/3 global assessment estimates will be viewed as competitive applicants who will likely match. Most programs fill between #40-100 on their rank list.
  5. The first section of section D is for applicant highlights of strengths and growth opportunities and should be limited to 50 words. The larger text box can provide additional narrative comments and should be limited to 250 words.


  1. Don’t check all the top boxes—unless this really is the BEST medical student you have EVER WORKED WITH!

Complete O SLOE