Frequently Asked Questions for completing the SLOE PDF Template.

Q. Who can complete the SLOE PDF Template form?
A. This form is for Authors who do not have an established emergency medicine residency program at their institution. If you are faculty from an emergency medicine residency program please complete the eSLOE on the eSLOE website

Q. I complete many SLOEs and would like to save a prefilled copy of the SLOE to my computer. How do I do this?
A. After you have downloaded the SLOE save a copy to your computer. Complete the "template" information that you would repeat over and over and save a copy of the form again before you sign the form. Once the form is signed it can no longer be edited.

Q. How do I sign the SLOE PDF form?
A. Click here for a PDF of instructions on signing the SLOE PDF.

Q. I have completed my SLOE, signed it and saved my final signed copy. Now how do I get this to my students ERAS file?
A.You will need to upload your completed SLOE to the students ERAS file. Click here to visit the ERAS site for instructions on uploading to their system.