Council of Residency Directors of Emergency Medicine Mentored Peer-Review Program

Letter from CORD Guest Editor Jeffrey N. Love, MD, MHPE, MSc

Consistent with CORD’s mission to “Lead the advancement of emergency medicine education”, the objective of this opportunity is to provide a peer-review learning experience that will intentionally foster peer-review skills.  The mentored peer-review program was initially offered in 2020 as an innovation to education fellowships to promote the scholarly development of their fellows during training.  Since that time the program has grown to involve over 30 fellowship programs. 

Today, this opportunity is available to senior residents, education fellows and junior faculty interested in an experiential learning opportunity to learn how to perform peer-review related to education scholarship.  The prerequisite for participation is having a mentor who has the qualifications to serve in this role.  Whether the mentored peer-review is a dyad (one mentor/one mentee) or a group of up to 5 individuals that work together to develop one co-constructed  review for submission is a matter of the mentor’s choice. 

To facilitate learning from this experience, several papers with varying perspectives on how to do a review are included as well as a copy of our Gold Standard Scoring Rubric used by the editors to evaluate reviews based on the quality of the review and its ability to inform the editor’s final decision. When a formal decision is made on the manuscript reviewed, participant reviewers will receive a copy of the letter sent to the author(s) which will generally include the “Decision Editor’s Summary” as well the additional reviewers’ comments.  The goal in this information is to promote learning by seeing other perspectives as well as how your review was used in formal decision making. 

As a testimony of the quality of this experience, please see the attachment (“Mentored Peer-Review: Gold Standard Award Winners) that lists prior mentored peer-reviews that were recognized for their high quality receiving the ”Gold Standard Reviewer Award”

For those who are interested, we encourage participants to consolidate and broaden their learning by completing additional mentored peer-reviews through this program. 

I look forward to hearing from those of you who are interested at the email address below.

Jeffrey N. Love, MD, MHPE, MS
CORD Guest Editor
Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, Special Issue in Educational Research & Practice
Professor Emeritus, Emergency Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine


MPR:  Guidelines to Serve as a Mentor

A history of serving as a journal reviewer on five or more peer-reviews related to education and one of the following:  

  • A history of authorship on five or more peer-reviewed publications related to medical education including at least one as first or last (senior) author.

  • A Master’s degree or PhD in education.

  • Prior experience with mentored peer-reviews.

  • Recognition as a WestJEM Special Issue Gold Standard Reviewer.

  • Current or previous education fellowship director.