The CORD Remediation Task Force subcommittee on Professionalism and Interpersonal Communication Skills (ICS) acts as a resource for these core resident attributes and skills. Professionalism in particular applies to Milestones 16 and 17, Professional Values and Accountability. The importance of these core measures of resident proficiency cannot be overstated, as professional behavior is an absolute mandate for all practicing emergency physicians. A resident who graduates with basic deficiencies in professionalism (coming to work on time, appropriate meeting attendance, timely chart completion) will have a career filled with unhappy department chairs and unpleasant hospital staff meetings. One who misses more subtle and complex aspects of professionalism (lacking understanding of personal value impact on patient care, inability to reflect on patient care and overcome barriers to acting in the patients' best interest) will have unhappy patients and difficulty managing the stressful environment of the Emergency Department.

CORD Poster

The RTF Professionalism and ICS subcommittee developed a poster for 2014 CORD AA that nicely demonstrates examples for remediation of these important milestones. It is reproduced below.


Milestone Based Remediation Plans

Milestone 16
Milestone 17

Professionalism Disciplinary Action Example

Example Disciplinary Action

JGME Article on Professionalism and ICS Remediation by RTF Members

JGME ICS and Professionalism Article

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